Seedex*, our sister company , can provide acclimated 2 year tested SC feminized seedlings. (Proven seed strains for maximum yields in SC soil.

*Hemp Extraction has a sister company called Seedex, which has the capability to provide farmers with free hemp seed, seedlings, to start the season. Select a proven strain already acclimated for SC soils and climate zone. Checkout the Seedex website here.

Your fields must be tested for soil quality, being conductive to plant hemp; possible needed nutrients before planting should be identified.

Before planting, We will put you in touch with a conditioning dryer facility (Straight Arrow – Walterboro SC) to make sure that they can fit your yield in (they get very busy, very quickly towards the end of the hemp growing season).

They will advise harvest, how to dry, where to dry with reliable conditioning facilities and packaging for Extraction.

We can arrange a knowledgable hemp consultant to guide you in a step by step grow program regarding, seedlings, strains, crop nutrients during grow, including proper watering intervals, harvest, etc., – valuable information as Hemp Farming is quite different in comparison to other crops.

Your crop will be monitored and visited during the grow period.

We will calculate your expected return in the Hemp Calculator once crop is harvested with testing and weight.

Testing is arranged with recommended 3rd party lab testing of your choice to meet state guidelines prior to harvest.

Delivery of your crop is arranged for you to a conditioning facility, or direct to our extraction facility.

Extraction OPTIONS:

  • A. Hemp Extraction purchases the entire crop (based on daily and weekly valued – See the industry daily values buy and sell – THE JACOBSEN)
  • B. 50/50 Tolling (equal split on extraction) Hemp Extraction extracts the entire crop providing any Bio-massprovider 50% winterized crude.
  • Note: Winterized oil is the essential 1st step in the extraction process. (winterization – a term identifying the high quality filtered premium oil required for distillate, isolate, and further distillation products.

  • C. 100% Tolling – Hemp Extraction will contract extract with 100% of the extraction provided to biomass provider.

Assurance Guarantee

All bio-mass received is electronic weighed in with COA. ( Certificate of Authenticity ) Same paperwork required by Frderal and State for harvest.

Our Cambridge SC Weight Master scales are certified to .01 lbs. Batch number, weight, time and date, client name is automatically printed and secured by tamper proof tagging upon receiving, then automatically transmitted to our on line Hemp Harvest Software on our Extraction Verification Web site – Extraction

The farmer or client is logged in with their COA identification, their quality, all grow information; (client is provided a secure password to review every step of the extraction process on line).

Weight in is verified to the bio-mass provider, with a verification SC Weight Master Seal (bonded by SC Department of Agriculture) with Instant Notification of amount received confirming over ship or shortage to provider assuring beginning integrity to insure all bio-mass is accounted for and agreed upon by both parties.

Hemp Extraction will perform a test extraction, sending FEDEX OVERNIGHT to a 3rd party testing lab to 100% verify what the provider can expect before we provide the full attraction service selected.(All 3rd party labs are DEA registered, ISO Federally Certified labs.)

This assures the farmer of 100% integrity of unknown crop extracted value before final extraction. This continues the integrity of the complete Extraction process. The final extraction is again weighed on a Cambridge SC Weigh Master certified scale, automatically generating a second 4 x 6 date/time label, completing the final extraction product weight, batch number, date and time, with owner ID. This is attached to each 5 gal pail (FDA AGRI GRADE CONTAINER).

Again this is uploaded to the Extraction Verification Software, for complete transparency.

Upon final extraction, you may elect to sell your extraction; GrenEX, the final buy/sell service, will provide the buy/sell distribution of your extraction to cash you out.

Our entire facility is compliant as we extract in a Federally approved C1 D1 lab, maintaining all FDA compliance and SC Department of Agriculture regulations. “Climb Aboard – Why Settle For Less.” We seriously intend to earn your business.

Call us to discuss your Extraction goals.


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