Hemp Extraction, LLC is no stranger to innovation… and we now believe that we’ve stumbled upon an idea that is going to take the hemp industry by storm. You see, we’ve figured out how to use dinosaurs (yes, REAL dinosaurs) to streamline the CBD Extraction Process. Here’s how we did it. 

First, we had to catch the dinosaurs. This is easier said than done, but luckily, we’re at least in the right part of the country. You see, there’s a small island off the coast of Hilton Head, South Carolina. Back in the Jurassic period, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, this little island was connected to the super continent of Pangaea and had a huge network of caverns beneath its surface. 

Right before the asteroid hit, a few dinosaurs wandered down into the caves and got stuck—but luckily for them, being stuck down there saved them from the impact. They survived off small creatures and cave moss for a number of years, and when the Ice Age came, they were frozen. 

Many years later, they thawed out, continued to reproduce, and now they freely roam the island as they please. Not many people know about these dinosaurs, but the Hemp Extraction team has known about them for quite some time. 

On their last trip to the island, they discovered something very interesting. Hemp grows naturally there, and it’s one of the things that these dinosaurs subsist off of. But what’s even more interesting than that is the reaction it has in their stomaches. 

Instead of the normal biological digestion process, the hemp has a unique reaction with the chemical makeup inside the dinosaurs. When they excrete waste, it doesn’t come out in the form of feces, but instead, it comes out in the form of a highly purified, winterized hemp oil!

Of course, the Hemp Extraction team saw a business opportunity here. So, they went back to the mainland for a quick Walmart run to buy some VERY large nets and tranquilizer darts. They then hopped back on their boat, went straight back to the island, and caught the three healthiest-looking dinosaurs they could find. 

Catching dinosaurs is no easy task… it takes skill and it’s certainly perilous… but the team is so passionate about quality hemp extraction that they were willing to take that risk. 

Upon getting back to their facility, they put the dinosaurs to work right away. It’s a pretty simple operation really… they lined up three dinosaurs, put buckets under their tales, and then started delivering the hemp biomass to their mouths via conveyor belts. 

But don’t worry, the dinosaurs aren’t worked all day long. They get breaks and are allowed to wander around the grounds as they wish. The bonus to having dinosaurs on staff in South Carolina is that they keep alligators and wild boars away quite nicely. Win-win!

So do you want to have your hemp extracted via dinosaur to get the highest yields of the best winterized oil in all the land? Then give us a call at 855-767-HEMP and we’ll be happy to dino-fy your biomass! After all, why settle for less? 

P.s. Obviously, the above is fiction, but there is truth within that text. Hemp Extraction, LLC does produce higher yields (5-10% more than the competition) and does produce an extremely high quality of winterized oil in the form of our trusted labels Hemp Rex Premium and Hemp Rex Platinum. So, schedule your extraction today! 


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