Use our proprietary hemp extraction yield calculator to see how much of each bi-product you can expect from your biomass. Just select your estimated CBD concentration, as well as the estimated amount of biomass you plan on having extracted. And once you’re done, give us a call to get your extraction scheduled!

In example, an extraction of 1,000 lbs. of hemp biomass with a 10% CBD concentration level would you gross almost $7,000 at retail prices.

Additionally, Full Spectrum Distillate and Isolate would both gross around $11,100 at retail prices!

So, how much of that goes in your pocket? Well, it’s up to you!

For growers who don’t have a substantial distribution model, we recommend our 50/50 split. With this pricing structure, you don’t pay anything upfront, and you split the revenue of whatever is extracted with Hemp Extraction, LLC.

So in that scenario, and based on the calculation above, your take home for the oil would be about $3,500, while you’d be looking at about $5,500 in profit for the Distillate and Isolate.

We also have a toll-pricing model. Here, you pay a fee per pound up front, and then pocket all of the resulting profit when you sell.

Concerned about finding buyers? Hemp Extraction’s sister company, GrenEx, is launching soon and will serve as the first online marketplace to fully connect the hemp space. Growers can buy quality seed and sell their biomass and post-extraction products, driers can sell their services and dried hemp, and manufacturers can purchase raw product from extractors… just to name a few.

So be sure to keep an eye on that in the hemp sphere. And as always, if you have any questions or you’d like to schedule a trial extraction, give us a call!

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