Important Questions for US Hemp Companies

Why Ethanol Hemp Extraction?

Thanks to our cold operating temperatures and inline filters, we’re able to catch all the fats, lipids, and other extraneous substances that you wouldn’t want in your final product. While other methods of hemp extraction require an extra step called “winterization”, using Ethanol from the get-go provides us with an equally premium product in less time.
Ethanol Extraction
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What Can We Make From Your Biomass?

Knowing what products to extract from your biomass can be challenging. Luckily Hemp Extraction, LLC has you covered. The baseline product we produce is our Winterized Crude Oil, which carries a market value of ~$125/kilo. From there, the most in-demand product on the market is CBD Isolate because it’s the easiest to work with for CBD products. We also have Full Spectrum Distillate, which is good for making lower dose products such as gummies. Finally, we have THC-Free Full Spectrum Distillate, which carries a slightly higher market value. Ready to schedule your hemp extraction?

What Can We Extract From Hemp Biomass
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What Can We Do For You?

We want to earn your business. At Hemp Extraction, LLC, we’ll process anywhere from 50-150 pounds of your hemp biomass free of charge. After that, we have two pricing models for our Hemp Extraction, LLC. The first is a 50/50 split; you pay nothing up front, and get half the profit from the resulting extraction. The other option is toll processing, where you pay on a per-pound basis up front, but pocket all of the resulting profit. This is a great option for farmers who have their own distribution channels.

What Can We Do for US Hemp Companies
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What Types of Oils Do You Offer?

Here at Hemp Extraction, LLC, we offer two types of Winterized Crude Oil. The first is our Hemp Rex Platinum brand, which is made from a higher quality biomass (normally 10-14% plus). The second is our Hemp Rex Premium oil, which is from a lower grade biomass. However, we don’t extract anything less than 6% CBD, so you’ll be getting a very high-quality product either way.

Types of Oils
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What is Hemp FX?

Hemp FX is a sister company of Hemp Extraction, LLC that offers financing to US Hemp Companies. They help farmers to help them buy higher quality seeds and pay for higher quality hemp extraction services. In exchange, they get the resulting crops and winterized oils as collateral.

What is Hemp FX
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Why Should I Trust Hemp Extraction,LLC?

Here at Hemp Extraction, we’re all about transparency. We want to keep you in the loop every step of the way, from talking brass tax after your trial extraction to establishing longterm relationships for future hemp extraction. Plus, we even encourage that you bring your biomass to our facility in beautiful Hilton Head Island, SC to watch the process firsthand and be assured that you are getting the absolute highest possible yields from your crops. Why settle for less?
Trust Hemp Extraction
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What CBD Extraction Equipment Do You Use?

Hemp Extraction, LLC has purchased industry-leading equipment from Smith Systems and G-Force Hemp. CEO and Founder, Anthony Smith, talks about his company’s innovative equipment, as well as the model being used by Hemp Extraction to process over 8,000 pounds of hemp per day.
What CBD Extraction Equipment
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How Much More Yield Can I Expect?

We offer unmatched quality here at Hemp Extraction. In fact, we have the data and track record to guarantee 5-10% more yields than you’ll find with our competition.You could go to five other extractors of your choosing and you’d still have the best results with us? So why not start with the best from the get-go? Why settle for less? Want to crunch the numbers yourself? Use our Extraction Calculator!
How Much More Yields
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