What is CBD Distillate?

CBD distillate is full spectrum oil distilled from winterized crude oil , CBD distillate is normally 75-85% CBD.

What is Hemp Biomass?

Hemp biomass is the plant material used for extraction commonly 8-10% CBD. This is what we start with at the beginning of the extraction process. Did you know that we offer a free trial extraction for 50-150 lbs. of biomass?

What is Winterized Oil?

Winterized oil is generally 60-70% CBD and extracted from hemp biomass. We have two grades of Winterized Oil: Hemp Rex Premium and Hemp Rex Platinum. The grade depends on the quality of your biomass. 

How to Harvest Hemp for CBD Oil? 

Most people dry the whole plant and use a combine to separate the stalks and stems. The biomass is then ground evenly and homogenized before bagged up and sent for extraction. Did you know that we offer free transportation in most cases in order to get your biomass to our facility. 

How is Oil Extracted?

We use a sub-zero cold ethanol single solvent extraction. Watch a video explaining the ethanol extraction method and why we use it. We have the capacity to extract 8,000 lbs. of hemp biomass into oil per day. Have you read our blog post about how we use REAL dinosaurs to assist in this process? 

How to Make Distillate? 

Distillate is made through short-path or wiped-film distillation, which uses a combination of pressure and heat to specifically target the cannabinoid CBD.


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